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Stainless Steel Wool

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The mute
  • The noise reduction
  • Heat resistant
  • Environmental protection
  • Good persistence

Product Details

The stainless steel wool adopts the technics of processing at high-accuracy,it is specially used in the car muffler.It has the incomparable flexibility and noise reduction,the endurance and the integrity of the product are also excellent and are adored by the factory which produces the exhaust items and people who like to modify their vehicles.


       The stainless steel wool are performing quite excellent in many areas:the car muffler.It has been proved that the stainless steel wool can work perfectly in producing car mufflers.Its flexibility,noise reduction,endurance and integrity are incomparable with other single material.At the same time,it is broadly used in the equipments of noise reduction.

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