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Xorex steel fibers

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Xorex steel fibers / Concrete fibre / steel fiber

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The redistribution of stress improves the ability to resist load
  • Effectively control the formation and development of cracks
  • Enhance the shear strength of the structure
  • Improve the durability of concrete and extend the service life
  • Improve the impact resistance and fatigue resistance of concrete

Product Details

    This product is developed and produced in accordance with ASTM a820-90 standard of American society of materials and tests. The product conforms to the requirements of national building standard JG/ t3064-1999.It is widely used in buildings, Bridges, thin-roofed projects, highways and so on.

    Corrugated steel fiber is a kind of low carbon cold drawn steel wire edge material, which is rolled into concrete steel fiber.

    The fiber is rolled into wavy shape, which can enhance the anchoring force in concrete, and improve the flexural strength and bending toughness of concrete.Fiber has high tensile strength, suitable for strong mixing and pouring of concrete.

     Tensile strength up to 700Mpa is the characteristic of this product.Compared with ordinary concrete, compressive strength is increased by 6.0-30%; bending strength is increased by 80-120%; tensile strength is increased by 50-80%; crack resistance is increased by 2-6 times under impact load; meanwhile, friction resistance and freeze-thaw resistance are greatly improved.At the same time, the concrete thickness can be reduced, the amount of concrete can be saved, the construction period can be shortened, and the economic benefit is very significant.

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